At the heart of the Indian Ocean, Sakifo in Creole is like a victorious rallying cry: ”That’s what is needed!”

Born in 2004, the Sakifo Festival, schedules the great names of international music that seldom have the opportunity to perform in the region. Within a warm atmosphere, the festival offers several stages along the beach of Saint-Pierre, and on Sunday morning, a warmed-up plate of rice- the famous traditional “risofé” in a musical ambience in the district of Terre Saint. Sakifo Musik Festival, like Reunion Island, is cross-cultural.

Sakifo’s long life (the longest of all the island’s festivals) in spite of the challenges it has faced can to a great extent be attributed to the strong connection it has forged with its audiences.

This connection is expressed in the festival’s unique identity, it’s “soul” which, while developing professionally, it has preserved intact over the years.